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All-in-one recruitment platform

Peoplist is a recruiting software that streamlines the hiring process and helps companies and HR professionals find top talent in the fastest and easiest way. 

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A complete platform for talent acquisition

Find and engage top talent with ease

Reach, classify and nurture talent so you can build a robust candidate pipeline that delivers exactly what you need for each role.​

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Source From Any Social Network

Easily add talent profiles to Peoplist from LinkedIn, Stackoverflow, Github, and other channels.

Work with Your Existing Tech Stack

Peoplist integrates with the tools you use to run your recruiting function, including your ATS, email, and social networks.

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Simple, Fast and Extremely functional





Why Peoplist?

Recruiting can be challenging. Candidates always want to find the right match for their next move and Talent Acquisition teams want to find the right match for their company. 

Recruiters are drowning in inefficient ways to manage and build relationships. Or they aren’t doing it at all.

Peoplist simplifies building relationships so you can hire quality candidates, faster.


Our story

At Peoplist, we put people at the heart of what we do and empower them with the technology.


Peoplist was founded with the goal of building the first complete platform for the hiring team, and the mission of enabling them to recruit in the simplest and fastest way.


We find a solution for hiring teams by creating technologies to streamline your recruitment processes. Peoplist empowers every talent team with technology, making them real heroes.

Our aim is to make recruiting processes simple and enjoyable with innovative tech implementation.

A place where hiring teams
overcome challenges

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